Psycho-Drama by Matt Wilkinson. Never Forever, 79 Highhgate Road, Kentish Town to 3 July. 4****. William Russell

Emily Bruni gives a powerhouse performance as an actress who has entered those dangerous years, too old to play the love interest perhaps, too young to play mother of the love interest, too good to be the heroines best friend. She has won the role of Marion Crane in a stage version of Psycho, the Hitchcock film as if you didn’t know, which is going to be directed by one of those theatre directors who are a nightmare to work for. Bruni, seated on a chair in front of a screen which changes colour from time to time,goes through the problems of an actresses life, the auditions for roles they are never going to get because they and the persons holding them know they are not what those seeking to fill the role have in mind, the jobs one has to do to keep alive, the compromises one has to make, the treatment on has to suffer. Against a terrific wall of sound devised by Gareth Fry we learn all about her life and the fact she is being interviewed by the police. The famous director has been found in his shower stabbed many times and very dead. It lasts 60 minutes and gives Bruni a role to relish which she seizes with everything she has, delivering a magnificent performance of a complicated and damaged woman.
Cast – Emily Bruni
Director: Matt Wilkinson.
Designer: James Turner.
Lighting Designer: Elliot Cross.
Sound Designer: Gareth Fry.

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