Public Domain by Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke. Streming live from Southwark Playhouse 19-24 January 2021. 3***. William Russell.

This snappy musical revue written and performed by the beguiling and talented Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke sends up the wonderful world of Zuckerberg with words out of the great man’s own mouth and those who perform on Facebook, You Tube or Instagram. It hits home although at a little over an hour it could be said to outstay its welcome. In the old fashioned world of intimate revue or cabaret the damage would have been inflicted in one song with two verses and three choruses by the likes of Coward or Lehrer.
To be fair the pair score several bull’s eyes on those who frolic there for their own delight while the great Zuckerberg and his fragrant spouse Priscilla are duly held out to dry damned by their own words. His Senate hearings are particularly choice instances of self immolation as he dodges the issue or just doesn’t know the answers.
There is much to enjoy for those who enjoy the world of influencers or would be viral You Tube performers more than there was for me, which is why there is that missing fourth star. The music is catchy, they have cobbled the words together with skill, director Adam Lenson has put it all together effectively.
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Performers – Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke

Director: Adam Lenson.
Set & Costume Designer: Libby Todd.
Lighting Designer: Matt Daw.
Video Design: Matt Powell.
Movement Director: George Lyons.
Music production suoervision: Joe & Niukki Davison for Auburb Jam Music.

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