Rose Playhouse, London: 4th Readathon, Saturday 2 June

The Rode Playhouse is running (in more ways than one!) its Fourth Readathon on Saturday 2 June.

Six plays will be read in six hours, so I guess they are abridged – or spoken very fast. Plenty of other activities drinks, snacks – a real party on offer. If you are bold, or simply a show-off (nothing wrong with that) you can take part – you pick your role from a hat. Or you can sit back and watch the others do the work.

Plays are:

12.00: Tamburlaine

13.00: Titus Andronicus

14.00: The Jew of Malta

15.00: Twelfth Night

16.00: Dr Faustus

17.00: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Something for everyone . . .

For tickets (£6 participants, £4.80 audience – per play):

Rose Playhouse: 56 Park Street, London, SE1 9AR.

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