Scrounger by Athena Stevens. Finborough on line. 4****. William Russell

This funny, moving and enlightening two hander directed by Lily McLeishreceived a warm reception when it was premiered at the Finborough in February- I reviewed it at the time so consult that for a start. The sceening times are -from 9am 1 August 2020 to midnight 3 August 2020 and again in 31 August 9am to midnight.
Stevens tell how her wheelchair was damaged by the airline on a BA flight to Glasgow which confined her to the house and the resultant battle she had to regain her freedom to move around. It is tough stuff – Stevens is delivering a well aimed kick in the teeth at her audience – but very rewarding and she gets excellent support from Leigh Quinn who emerges from the audience and plays her assistant as well as everybody else. The play opened the Finborough’s 40th season, one so sadly brought to a halt by the pandemic.
Photograph: Nick Rutter

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