For those who want to write a play, but can’t quite find the time…

Or to over-commissioned dramatists who’d like to find (a bit of) space to develop a new idea…
Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival has found the answer, with the chance for writers to draw a quick breath.

They estimate Samuel Beckett’s play Breath lasts 35 seconds (they must have seen one of the slower-paced production).

So they’re inviting entries for a competition to find plays lasting a maximum of 24 seconds.

As they say:

“That includes entrances, dramatic Pinteresque pauses between monologues and the time it takes for pantomime horses to canter off stage. There must, of course, be a story and any form of catharsis for the audience will be smiled upon by our judges.”

Which is more than anyone ever asked of Beckett – especially the story bit.

It should be said the competition’s most likely to appeal to those within reach of Manchester, as the prize (yes, there’s a prize) is a fistful of free tickets to the thirteen shows (plus readings) in this year’s 24:7 Festival. This event annually allows playwrights to indulge themselves in scripts up to an hour long.

Besides which, performances of the most wonderful of the 24-second wonders will be at 24:7’s media launch in Manchester on the evening of 14 June.

Entries to: by midnight on Friday 10 June.

So, hope inspiration strikes by 11.55pm.

The 2011 24:7 Festival of new plays will run 21-29 July across central Manchester venues, including the Midland Hotel and Co-op sponsor’s HQ New Century House.


2011-06-01 17:09:53

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