Shuga Fixx Vs. The Illuminati. The Pod, St Paul’s, Covent Garden to 27 November 2021. 3***. William Russell

Iris, who run those summer seasons in the gardens of this actor’s church, has opened up a couple of heated tented pods there and various companies of young players are getting a chance to show what they can do. Poppy Pedder and Gutternsipe Theatre, the creators of this very funny, slightly shambolic tale about a girl pop group, their insane manager and a Lizard King leader of a sect of alien beings who wish to conquer the world through taking over the girls is the result. At least that is what I think it as all about. The plot, in which the girls win the contest because the winning group perish, get to America and there meet the Illuminati, however, is by the by. Jack Sears makes a splendidly menacing Lizard King in a rather fine dress – his sneer is impressive – and an even more menacing manager of the group set to top the pops especially when in his bathing suit and kinky boots encasing impressive legs, while Grace Church, Molly McGeachin and Poppy Pedder sparkle as the trio with no discernible talent at all except that they are all quite obviously talented and so can play untalented performers with style. It lasts just over an hour which is about right. All in all a fun filled affair.
Lizard king: Jack Sears.
Brooke: Grace Church.
Jude: Mary McGeachin.
Gemma: Poppy Pedder.

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