SINDERFELLA: tour to 05 01 13

SG Productions
Tours till 05 01 13
Runs 2h 20m, one interval, touring details below.

Review: Alexander Ray Edser, 13 12 13, Wellington, Birmingham

Hilarious, in-yer-face, outrageous, camp, extremely earthy, adult, good unclean fun.
I’m tempted to say SINDERFELLA is a post-modernist approach to pantomime, foregrounding plurality, deconstruction and referencing popular culture. But I won’t; instead, I’ll say . . .

It’s rude, vigorous, home-spun, hilarious, community, adult pantomime. And that if you’d like a couple of hours respite from our (rightly) politically correct society, then this is for you. The acting is, well, in a class of it’s own, and the jokes healthily earthy – and most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

SINDERFELLA has had successful London runs before. It’s repeated this year in London, Birmingham and Manchester. There’s an interesting take on this tour, though, for Sinderella is played, in different cities, by a drag queen of local (dis)repute. In Birmingham and London, by the redoubtable Divine Miss M. It might be noted in passing that Miss M is quite tall (particularly in her heels); this adds great comedic effect when she’s partnered with her passionate suitor, a button-sized Buttons.

The plot careers around the usual story – but here’s a taster. Sinderella still falls in love with the Prince, but he’s renamed Prince Donkey Dick – ‘Is that a banana down his tights,’ one is tempted to ask, ‘or is he just pleased to see me?’ – Chance would be a fine thing!

The show is driven along by a marvellous Buttons, who clearly harbours a desire to be a great tragic actor. Two deliciously, foul-mouthed Ugly Slags – and here a word of warning, don’t sit on the front row, nor the back row, nor on an aisle seat or the other end of the row . . . In fact, you’re not safe anywhere, so best be a boy scout and be prepared.

The energetic cast romp through the whole (nb there is a ‘w’ there) with great aplomb, offering, amid their doubling and double entendres, something for everyone, including two handsome chaps doing regular bits of suitably unclad dancing.

You truly will not have seen anything like this before!

Divine Miss M – Sinderella
Buttons – Michael Lapham
Prince Donkey Dick – Nicolas Devlin
Rihanna/Fairy Godmother – Joe Meloy
Gaga/Director/Producer/Writer – Simon Gross
Choreographer/Dandini/Bear/Voice of the Cock – Christopher Goldring
Dick/Aladdin/Stage Manager – Shaun Crisp

Venue:             The Green Carnation
Address:          Greek Street, London W1D 4DD
Dates:              3-5, 10-12, 17-19 December, 2-5 January 2014
Times:              Tue-Thur-7.30pm /Sat 4th/Sun 5th January 2014 4pm and 7.30pm
Price:                £15.00
Box Office:
Transport:       Leicester Square/Tottenham Court Road
In London Sindefella will be played by The Divine Miss M
Venue:             AXM Theatre
Address:          Bloom Street, Manchester M1
Dates:              6-8, 27-29 December
Times:              Fri-7.15pm/Saturday 4pm and 7.15pm/Sunday 4pm and 7.15pm
Price:                £15.00
Box Office:
Transport:       Manchester Piccadilly
In Manchester Sinderfella will be played by MISTY CHANCE
Venue:             The Wellington Hotel
Address:          Bristol Street, Birmingham
Dates:              13-15, 20-22 December
Times:              Fri-7.30pm/Saturday 4pm/7.30pm/Sunday 6pm and 8.30pm
Price:                £15.00
Box Office:
Transport:       Birmingham New Street
In Birmingham Sinderfella will be played by The Divine Miss M.

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