Siren (2016), Dir Gregg Bishop, Netflix 2**: Dana Archer

Siren reviewed by – Dana Archer

Directed by – Gregg Bishop

Platform – Netflix

Certificate – 18

Rating **

Running Time: 82 Minutes

Directed by Gregg Bishop this low budget horror film takes place a couple of days before Jonah’s wedding. His stereotypically outrageous brother Mack, sensible best friend Rand and an expendable third guest. They get lead away from an underwhelming strip bar and taken to a hidden building owned by mysterious Nicks. Whilst there they trade in valuable memories for Jonah to have an unforgettable experience. He encounters a siren who he naively releases leading to the inevitable death of guy three and the injuring of the others. This film isn’t terrible but does come close, the acting is poor and laughable in some cases, the special effects on the siren are ok but overall, this is a tepid watch. As Jonah tries to escape, it becomes clear that the siren has imprinted on him- the ending is twisty and leaves numerous plot holes. A one-time watch that is cheaply made and conventional. The upholds a couple of twists and managed to keep my attention for the duration.

A straight to DVD horror that does exactly what is says on the tin.


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