Six is back – Live. Booking opens 3 July. William Russell

First out of the starting post it seems is going to be that phenomenal hit Six by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss which has triumphed here, there and everywhere with one week drive-in theatre performances – at last live show and one that you can attend with a party of seven while parked in your own secure space.
If nothing else the impresarios behind the show have have actually done something to face up to the crisis confronting live theatre – how well it works will depend partly on the weather but very much on the audience’s behaviour when it flocks to court.
Booking opens with Live Nation on 3 July and the performances begin on 4 August in Milton Keynes. There will be eight performances during the week’s run.

After Milton Keynes it will play one week in the following towns – in order.
Liverpool, Leeds, Bolton, Teeside, Lincoln, Cheltenham, Bristol, Edinburgh (where it all started on the Fringe way back when) Newmarket, Birmingham and London.
Details can be found on – Just Google.
When the show opened in London in October 2018 we said it was “a right royal experience.” Be prepared to have one again.

Photograph: Eleanor Howarth

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