Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alan McHugh & Matt Slack: Birmingham Hippodrome: till 02 Feb 2020: 4****. Rod Dungate

Birmingham Hippodrome
Runs: 2h 30m, one interval. Till 2 February 2020. 

Tickets: 0844 338 5000
Info and Ticket: 

Review Rod Dungate 9 Jan.



Once more Matt Slack delights huge audiences in Birmingham in this year’s pantomime extravaganza Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  There is something for everyone and for all ages.  Comedy is high on the list, Matt Slack (who is Mr Muddles) partnered by both fabulous dame (Andrew Ryan as Nanny) and by the Wicked Step-mother (Lesley Joseph in great form.)  Singing is strong, especially in the group numbers and excellent use is made of lively Music Hall tunes.  And, of course, there is a riot of pyrotechnics and other lighting and sound effects. 


The story manages to come through all this, just strong enough to offer a good narrative thread.  But the focus is on showing off all aspects of theatre to thill and delight.  What better way to introduce many young audiences to the thrill of live performance? 


Matt Slack always amazes with his unbounded energy.  He also offers us some newly honed skills this year.  He gives an impressive catalogue of comedian impressions and sings a witty patter song that celebrates 120 years of the Birmingham Hippodrome. 


Joseph gives an unusual and witty performance of the Wicked Step Mother – there is a good running joke about her name and her character name.  Ryan follows up previous Dame performances, bringing his own inimitable style to the role – this time as Muddles’s mother and nanny to Snow White. 


Much to be admired is the troupe of Seven Dwarfs.  It seems they can do anything and everything; they are a marvelous force together and great additions  individually.  It is a great shame they are so under-used; with a storyline that seems inexhaustibly  flexible, it would be easy to weave them through the narrative, much to everyone’s great pleasure. 


It is likely most of us would agree that 2019 has not been an easy year to get through.  The Hippodrome’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a treat of a way to finish the old year off or bring in a new one. 



Queen Dragonella: Lesley Joseph

Muddles: Matt Slack

The Spirit of the Mirror: Joe McElderry

Snow White: Faye Brookes

The Queens Guards: Flawless

The Lady in Waiting: Doreen Tipton

Nanny Annie Aspirin: Andrew Ryan

Prince Harry of Harbourne: Jac Yarrow

The Magnificent Seven: Josh Bennett, George Coppen, Greg Doherty, Simeon Dyer, Craig Garner, Jamie John, Blake Lisle

Ensemble: Stephen Alexander, Aaron Barker, Joshua Cantrill, Charley Da Silva, Lucy Keenan, Lauren Key, Joseph Malana, Elysia Pemberton, Luke Redford, Laura Watson

Babes: The Birmingham Stage School


Producer & Director: Michael Harrison

Choreographer: Alan Harding

Assistant Director: Tracy Lane

Assistant Choreographer: Sharon Harding

Muscial Supervisor: Gary Hind

Lighting Supervisor: Ben Cracknell

Set Designer: Ian Westbrook & 3D Creations

Sound Designer: Tom Marshall

Projection Designer: Duncan McLean

Visual Special Effects: The Twins FX

Speciality Costunes: Mike Coltman

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