Soft Sessions – Live in Concert. Streaming at 7.30pm to 2 May 2021. 4****. William Russell

Theatres may be opening soon, but in the meantime the on line world carries on and this production showcases the talents of five girls and a guy who have all appeared in the West End and here extend their range. It was recorded at Woolwich Warehouse and just to show that what has gone before is not what is to come they have chosen to sing songs that are out of their comfort zone and by no means show songs.The concert session appears to have been recorded as one long take so that what you are getting is a performance, not some studio burnished recording, and their choice of songs is intriguing – just how My Funny Valentine gets in there is a surprise as it is rather before the singer’s time – while there is no doubting their musical skills. Oddly,however, after it is all over they are shot individually talking about music, the part it plays in their lives, why they did the concert, and – no disrespect to their singing – the best comes last. Singers do need accompanists – not all the time obviously, but some of it, and Alex Beetschen on the keyboard and Harrison Wilde on guitar do a terrific sympathetic job.

Grace Mouat
Courtney Stapleton
Martha Kirby
Danielle Fiamanya
Eloise Davies
Jake Halsey-Jones.

Orchestrations: Alex Beetschen & Harrison Wilde.
Videography: Callum Heinrich.
Running time is 70 minutes & tickets cost £12.50

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