Something in the Air by Peter Gill. Jermyn Street theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London SW1 to 12 November 2022. 4**** stars. William Russell.

Love happens anywhere and anytime. Two old men, Alex (Christopher Goodwin), who is still pretty aware of life, and Colin (Ian Gelder) whose memory is definitely going, if not pretty well gone, are sitting side by side in a room in their care home. They are holding hands, and maybe more. Peter Gill has set his tale of falling in love against the background of their past lives – the London of sixty years ago is beautifully evoked – and framed it with two young men, Nicholas (James Schofield) and Gareth (Sam Thorpe-Spinks) who may be simply falling in love or may be young men from the old men’s respective pasts.

Alex is visited by Clare, his niece (Claire Price) , Colin by his son Andrew (Andrew Woodall) – he thinks it is his other son Robert. Andrew is appalled at the hand holding, Clare wants him to agree to what the two old men want, which is to share a room. It is a moving, wistful evening, as a litany of past loves, mistakes and friendships unfolds. Ian Gelder and Christopher Godwin as Colin inhabit their roles to perfection, one still capable of being tough and decisive as he briefly surfaces from his confusion, the other much more malleable and less bemused by what has happened. It is a picture of old age that proves very moving indeed. They get fine support from the rest of the cast. Peter Gill has come up with a play that oddly is heartwarming when it should make you weep at what old age can bring – except it has brought love.

Colin: Ian Gelder.

Alex: Christopher Goodwin.

Clare: Claire Price.

Nicholas: James Schofield.

Gareth: Sam Thorpe-Spinks.

Andrew: Andrew Woodall.

Directors: Peter Gill & Alice Hamilton.

Set & Costume Designers: Anert Black & Neil irish.

Lighting Designer: Jamie Platt.

Sound Designer: Harry Blake.

Assistant Director: Sam Wood.

Production Photographs: Steve Gregson.

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