SOUND OF MUSIC: Birmingham Hippodrome
Runs: 2h 45m, one interval
Review: Alexander Ray, 16 July 2010

Nice but pedestrian

Watching this production was a seriously weird experience. The show’s all here, all those mountains, the songs, the nuns, the children . . . But it’s strangely under-powered. So instead of a powerfully engaging piece of music theatre, we’re offered a very pretty, very cheesy, very nice time in the theatre.

I suppose it’s difficult to follow the astounding achievement of Julie Andrews in that film. But the least I think we can expect is (are?) some guts and some decent acting. Both crucial elements are sorely missing.

Connie Fisher has a very, well, nice voice – but hardly a match for an orchestra. Her acting is sub-standard (a lot of waving of arms) and the character created is too light-weight. This Maria has about as much charisma as a kipper. Michael Praed is a quite dreadful actor and can hardly be heard. I can only assume he was cast for his guitar playing during Edelweiss – but that’s only one song and it’s an awfully long way into the show.

Thank god (I speak in an atheistical manner) for the Mother Abbess of Marilyn Hill Smith – here’s someone who knows how to characterise and can sing with a full voice.

The children are marvellous and entirely steal the show, but then I suspect that’s the intention of the drama as a whole.

Having said all the above, I should, in fairness, point out that many audience members were on their feet for the curtain call. So either they’re not seeing what I’m seeing, or I’m just becoming old and terribly cynical.

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2010-07-18 22:13:09

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