South African Road Trip. Peacock Theatre, Portugal St, London WC2A to 25 October 2022. 4****. William Russell

This dazzling musical revue is a trip worth taking – and don’t delay as the run is short. The cast of singers and dancers rejoice in the freedom song has given them, the opportunity to escape from the world of the townships in South Africa and a chance to express themselves and live their dreams. The eight men and four women perform the songs and dance routines backed by two vast video screens which fill the back of the stage and on to which are projected scenes from the townships, that world of shacks with corrugated iron roofs, dusty street and barbed wire fences, from the brutal years of apartheid, and from the landscape in which they grew up. It is not a travelogue world of game reserves and waterfalls but the real South Africa for many South Africans. Their energy seems inexhaustible, their delight in performing is manifest.

The male choir

Bulelani Zola Qumza; Thandukolo Arthur Qumza; Xolkile Sydney Hobhoshe; Simphiwe Hobhoshe; Zwellandile Mbedu; Mzwabantu Erk Dunyawa; Lindispho lennox Tsawe; Melumzi Bethwell Nyikana.

The women singers

Bontutuzelo Nyiki; Nomapostile Nyiki; Xoliswa Tom; Lungiswa Theodora Plaatjies.


Sabu Jiyana; Mkokeli Moses Masala (Kim).

Director: Albert Klein Kranenburg.

Musical Supervisor: Jeroen Steyfer.

Choreography: Silumko Kayana.

Video Design: Catharina Schoiten.

Video Footage: Stefan Hunter.

Costume Designer: Dorien de Jonge.

Lighting Designer: Bart van den Heuvel.

Sound Designer: Jouke Selsveld.

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