Tango After Dark, the Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London WC2 to 22 October 2022. 4****. William Russell.

Splendidly danced this lavishly dressed tango show with music by Astir Piazzolla directed and choreographed by German Cornejo is a bold attempt to bring tango into the present taking it away from the cliches of prostitute and pimp. It worked with the press night audience which seemed to consist of most of London’s Latin American Argentinian community. They were on their feet at the end. Actually although it is danced very well and every couple in the ten strong team get their solo it did for me lack that sexual kick tango usually provides. The solos are good – Cornejo and his partner Gisela Galeassi are outstanding – but the company is at its best when they are all dancing. Collectively they are magnificent, less so in the solos. It also comes to a rather downbeat ending for some reason although the audience demanded an encore and got one which was spectacular. Maybe they should get the bows over, do the encore straight away and bring down the curtain leaving the audience crying for more. The dancers are backed by a first rate orchestra and three good singers, the bandoneon plays as it should, and as tango shows go this is an evening full of individual pleasures. Legs flash, the women are thrown this way and that, the men slink round full of menace – tango may have been brought up to the present day but San Telmo remains a slightly dicey place for the innocent abroad. These are not people to be trifled with.

German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi.

Ezequiel Lopez & Camila Alegre.

Mariano Balois & Micaela Spina.

Nicolas Schell & Noelia Pizzo.

Juan Malisia & Manuela Rossi.


Jesus Hidalgoo, Antoneia Cirillo.

Musical Director: Diego Ramos.

Musicians – Clemente Carrascal, Gemma Scalia, Tomas Falasca, Benjamin Ciprian, Ovidio Velazquez, Jeronimo Izarruaide.

Director: German Cornejo.

Choreographer: German Cornejo in collaboration with the dancers.

Lighting Designer: Charlie Morgan Jones.

Sound Designer: Gaston Briski.

Costume Designer: German Cornejo, Alberto Mauri.

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