Teabreak Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty – a magical zoom adventure on line to 30 December 2020. 4****. William Russell

This Christmas treat is aimed at children from between four to nince years of age, lasts 50 minutes and because it is on zoom they get loads of opportunities to join in the fun. Beauty is Princess Rose, who is not actually asleep but is imprisoned in a tower. Prince – that is his name, not his title – is a young man who decides to take his dog Puff and rescue her, coming across various persons, not all helpful, along the way. The fairy in the ointment as it were is Evie, or the Evil Dreaver, who feasts on people’s dreams – can Princess Rose and Prince get together and can she be defeated? It is all skillfully put together, as well as the performers there are puppets to help things along and the audience can lend a hand.
The shows are
10.30 am & 5 pm 20 December.
5pm & 7pm 21 december.
10.30am & 7pm 22 December.
10.30 am 23 December.
5pm 27 December.
10.30 & 5pm 28 December.
5pm & 7pm 29 December.
10.30 am & 5pm 30th December.
When you register you will be sent the link the day before the chosen show and all the advice about getting ready to join in the fun which, in this instance, will not be behind but in front of you.
Just google Teabreaktheatre.com
oicket prices range from £5 to £35 and you decide what you wish to spend – the site explains all as the more you spend means they can sell to those less well off.

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