The Brockley Jack – Life goes on. William Russell

These are parlous times for theatres – no more so than those on the fringe. Major theatres can keep their profile out there by digging into their reserves of past productions that have been filmed, but that is not available to all. One of the theatres we cover here regularly is the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre simply because it is my local – I went there from time to time, and then started covering it here. It is an award winning small theatre which provides a home for lots of small companies, stages its own shows, has an easily accessible auditorium – the curse of the pub theatre is invariably that it is up stairs of devilish design – and has a loyal local audience. The pub is pretty good too.
London theatre is not just the West End. You can enjoy a rich and varied theatrical experience all over this great city, which is one of the reasons why we tell you about the ones well worth looking up.

So what do Kate and Karl do now the theatre has been closed until August? They are setting up a weekly blog which will be posted on Thursdays – you can find it by googling
All theatres need help – so there is an appeal too.
The picture is of one of the productions by a regular visiting company there just to show the critical reception – and yes, I am in there too.

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