The Butterfly Room (2012), Dir Gionata Zarontonello, Platform : Horror Channel / Horror Bites *****: Dana Archer

The Butterfly Room reviewed by Dana Archer
Year: 2012
Directed by Gionata Zarontonello
Starring – Barbara Steele, Ray Wise, Camille Keaton, Erica Leerhsen, Heather Langenkamp  and Julia Putnam
Platform : Horror Channel / Horror Bites
Certificate : 18

Starring Barbara Steele and Ray Wise. Ann (Steele) lives alone, she collects butterflies which she displays. The butterfly is a metaphor throughout of beauty and delicacy. Through a series of non-linear flashbacks and confusion- we learn that Ann forms a connection with a young girl, Alice. In mixed scenes from the present and the future, we understand the extent of Ann’s delusion. There are some truly unsettling and disturbing sequence in this film. Steele is excellent, eerie and on top form in the leading role. This film features several other well-known leading ladies from the Horror genre including Camille Keaton and Heather Langenkamp. This is a trying watch and one that drags a little in places- nevertheless this film tackles several serious themes such as Mental Illness, Trauma, PTSD and child abuse/exploitation. The last act of the film reveals the extent of Ann’s psychosis and is makes for quite unsettling viewing. An unpleasant, troubling and creepy watch. The ending upholds the unsettling tone of the film, displaying how trauma manifests. Enjoyment is the wrong word to describe a film like this, but it is certainly well made and observes several expectations of psychological horror.


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