The Cleanse (2016), Dir Bobby Miller, Platform: Netflix ****: Dana Archer

The Cleanse (2016) reviewed by Dana Archer
Director – Bobby Miller
Certification – 15

Platform – Netflix
Starring – Johnny Galecki, Anna Friel, Angelica Houston and Oliver Platt
Rating – ****

Running Time: 81 Minutes

Directed by Bobby Miller and starring Oliver Platt, Johnny Galecki, Anna Friel and Angelica Houston. Peter (Galecki) is anxious, his life is drab, and he lacks confidence, after seeing an advertisement for a “Get Pure” cleanse, he signs up. Whilst at the resort he is told to follow the rules and drink the mysterious juices. Maggie (Friel) is at the retreat after falsifying her reason, she is an ageing actress. Whilst at the retreat they begin to throw up, a small creature emerges from the waste (a manifestation of the toxicity they are trying to expulse). The creatures react to kindness and grow bigger as the person holds onto them- eventually becoming so big that they take control and become harmful to the person who created them (the metaphors are pretty on the nose in this). This is a fascinating and unique film that falls short in the final 20 minutes, suddenly the narrative is sped up at the expense of the characters and a satisfying ending. This is more psychologically conscious than a generic horror and I wished it had been a little longer as I would have liked to have learned more about the characters. An interesting and unique film.


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