THE CONFESSION ROOM: A concept CD of a new Musical
SIMG Records
Review: Alexander Ray Edser, 22 07 13

Lively and unusual.
THE CONFESSION ROOM is a CD of a new musical. I did an aural double take when I started listening to it (which is no bad thing!) Its subject matter is truly quirky . . . but ultimately life affirming.

The Confession Room is just that – a room where people come to talk about their issues (I avoid saying ‘problems’.) This is a mighty strange bunch – the man who dates a beautiful girl and finds she’s a bloke, the man who’s under his mother’s thumb, the young woman who’s fed up with being a ditzy blonde.

Dan Looney’s lyrics are extremely witty – they are certainly worth listening to more than once to get full value. And, while the music’s catchy rhythms don’t let up, Looney works in a lot of variety in pace.

I very much like the way the stories move between comic and sad. Particularly touching is the man who finds he has a perfect marriage; but at the point of starting the family, his wife puts career before children.

In the strange bunch of people, there is no criticism of their quirks; this gives the piece an uplifting quality, while reflecting urban living in the 21st Century where life ain’t always easy.

It’s an ensemble piece which is both a strength and weakness. A strength because it gives lots of opportunities for this wide range of stories. A weakness because we need one person’s story to stand out more than the others – this is the person who leads us through the world and brings us out the other side. As things stand at the moment we have interest, but no emotional involvement.

A bit of restructuring may be required. But this is a fun piece, and most unusual.

Music and Lyrics: Dan Looney
Book: Patrick Wilde
Additional Lyrics: Reece Looney and Sam Chapness

2013-07-22 16:26:50

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