THE FROZEN SCREAM: to 17 January.

THE FROZEN SCREAM: Christopher Green and Sarah Waters
Birmingham Hippodrome

Runs: 1h 20m, no interval. Till 17 01 15
Performances at 18.00 and 20.00 – see schedule

Review: Alexander Ray Edser, 12 01 15

Let the ice warm the cockles of your heart.
This is great fun.

THE FROZEN SCREAM was commissioned to offer an alternative to the more traditional seasonal fare. It offers an unusual perspective on the genre of ghost stories – those told around a cheerful fire, aimed to frighten and delight.

The show starts conventionally; a group of people, known to each other, arrive separately, and somewhat mysteriously, at an empty and isolated house. Winds howl and snow falls outside. The gathering is given an edgy twist, however, as drugs and sexuality come bubbling to the surface – much to the surprise and delighted shock of a group of school student sitting behind me.

Outrageous lesbian, Jinty, and upper-class toff (e’en twit) Roger, after the story is established, venture out into the blizzard to catch the marauding villain. Which is when things start to go wrong. And then go even wronger for the hapless gathering.

The show takes us on a tour of the Hippodrome building as the plot twists and turns, halts and restarts. The drama is deconstructed and reconstructed in surprising ways. And always with wit, charm and occasional frenzied action.

It’s charming and unexpected. Its slightly rough-around-the-edges feel gives it a homespun relaxed quality befitting the tale around the fire.

There are some moments which haven’t quite found their focus, but no matter. The way to enjoy the SCREAM is to go with the flow. It’s marvellous to feel the years of adulthood good sense fall away as you join in the game. It is a ‘play’ after all.

Madeleine: Anna Andressen
Tony: Andrew Dowbiggin
Roger: Christopher Green
Jill: Clare Hingott
Jinty: Victoria John
Audience Member: Ross Langford
Lady Agatha: Rula Lenska

Director: Christopher Green
Designer: Barney George
Lighting Designer: Katy Morison]Sound Designer: Heddwyn Davies
Effects Consultant: Oliver Meech
Props Maker: Dick George Creatives
Costume Maker: Deborah Williams
Costume Buyer: Angharad Matthews

2015-01-14 15:18:21

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