The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington – Sleeping Trees. Streaming until 5 January 2021. 4**** . William Russell

A splendid pantomime adventure set in and around the living room performed by three young men in tartan trews who use what comes to hand while muddling up the tales of Dick Whitington, Moby Dick and Pinocchio with imagination, energy and jokes. If you cannot take your kids to a live pantomime live then let them bring it to you. They will know most of the stories – maybe Moby Dick is a little bit grown up – and they can join in the fun, although as some of it involves them wrecking the living room to create a boat, the belly of a whale and throwing things at the screen some parental supervision is required.The performers James Dunnell-Smith, Joshua George Smith and John Woodburn play more roles than seem possible and even manage, the result of clever camera work and editing, to play more than one at the same time. Audience participation is the rule of the day, supplies of crushed paper, handy but blunt koitchen utensils and some sheets and pillows should be to hand and there is a nice running joke about a pirate named Starbuck, Captain Ahab turns out to be Jessica Ahab, a marine biologist keen on whales, and a villainous King Rat who wants to take over London from Dick which is more or less why everyone ends up inside the belly of that whale. This latest Sleeping Trees adventure is 50 minutes of fun. Tickets cost £5.

James Dunnell-Smith; Joshua George Smith; John Woodburn.

Director: Kerry Frampton.
Photography: Shawn Reynolds.
Music Ben Hales.

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