THE LOCK-IN, 3Star***, London

The Lock In, by Joseph Cullen

The Vaults, Leake Street, (under Waterloo Station)
1 hour, no interval
An Over the Limit Theatre production

Review: Tom Aitken, 3 March

All fun really
The vaults are those of bridges built to allow trains to run into Waterloo Station from the south-west on the level of the main platform. They have been taken over by a
management that stages shows and exhibitions of various sorts in this series of subterranean small segments of space.

During this theatrical presentation trains rumbled overhead from time to time.

The Lock In is an item in a Celtic Season currently in progress in this remarkable setting. When attending there, give yourself some time to find it!

Over the Limit was formed in 2015 by Joseph Cullen and Oran Doyle with the aim of ‘reimagining the stories and tales of the forgotten person. Male or female, alive or dead, fact or fiction, we seek to bring them to life onstage.’

This turns out to be a fairly rowdy but mostly very entertaining experience. Audience participation is encouraged, whether it be shouting, clapping, stamping on the floor, singing, or whatever.

Although there are plenty of things seen and heard and ideas expressed which are examined in some detail, everything is done with a fierce but friendly energy that will carry you along if you want to let it. Two woman audience members (apparently Irish themselves, as were most of the audience) were cast as the wife and mistress of the Irishman about whom we were we were being forcibly instructed. This caused much giggling from them and the parties they were with.

As for me, I was at one point equipped (from behind and without warning) with a sort of wearing-of-the-green top hat.
All of the performers were at the very least competent players of a variety of instruments and could also sing, shout, throw things about, and act.

A fellow audience member (Irish) with whom I chatted briefly as we left, said ‘It’s just fun’ and he was probably right up to a point, although as a non-Irishman, I feel that I have learnt something about the ways in which the Irish think of and treat each other.

There is one more performance at the Vaults (5 March, 6.30 p.m.) and I believe they can be found elsewhere in England from time to time. Keep and eye out for them.

Eamonn: Ian Horgan
Rowan: Rory Quinn
Clionadh: Emily Stonelake
Domhnall: Eddy Massarella
Dave: Andy Burse

Director: Sinead O’Callaghan
Musical Director Rory Quinn
Lighting: Gregory Jordan

2017-03-05 20:11:12

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