The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. St Martin’s Theatre, St Martin’s Lane, London is re-opening. In the event it did not do so.

The openings are being announced but a lot will still depend on how people behave in the coming weeks. However London’s longest running play plans to re-open on 25 October in socially distanced conditions. You can check it all out on the theatre website – prices are as they were, performances will run from Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm. Matinees are on Thursday and Saturday at 3pm. And on Sunday there will be performances at 2pm and 6pm. It is a play I have never seen, which places me in possibly a very small group – but I long ago worked out who dunnit and somehow there seemed no point in going. However, Christie is worth seeing and those who are risking re-opening need you there. Think about it.
Unfortunately things did not improve and the re-opening was abandoned so itremains a fact of life that The Mousetrap is still on my theatregoing bucket list.

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