THE SEAGULL EFFECT; Idle Motion: Edinburgh Fringe to 27th August 2011



The Sanctuary, Zoo Roxy, Venue 115, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU, 0131 662 6892 Friday 5 to Saturday 27 August (no performance 16 or 23) at 4:20pm.

Running time: 1hour, no interval
Review: Mark Courtice 11th August 2011

More than just a big blow
When weather forecaster Michael Fish assured a worried caller that there wouldn’t be a hurricane in Southern England in October 1987, he contributed another legend to the country’s weather lore, as overnight the winds duly came. It was a big event for Fish, and for those directly affected, but in the general scheme of things it surely wasn’t that big a deal. Why then make a show about it?

Idle Motion see it as about more than just a big blow. They tie in chaos theory and its famous butterfly flutter, or as it’s set in Brighton, the flap of a sea gull’s wing. A parallel love affair falls apart for want of the right word at the right time, while a series of voices recall lucky escapes and nature’s casual destructive power.

It’s presented with some effective theatricality; striking images are projected onto twirling umbrellas, leaves and rubbish fly in gusts, and rain pours constantly in the background. The performances seem less important, lacking energy and distinction.

The production as a whole is more about form than content, but there is imagination aplenty in this exploration of a minor moment in the history of South coast weather.

The Company
Grace Chapman, Finn Cockburn, Sophie Cullen, Alex Kearley-Shiers, Ellie Simpson, Paul Slater, Kate Stanley

2011-08-18 09:30:35

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