The Space Between by David Hunter and Caroline Kay. On You Tube. 4****. William Russell

Lockdown has had a disastrous effect on the lives of those who work in the theatre, but when one door closes another one opens and this little musical – it lasts some 14 minutes – is the result of that other door opening. The creators, who also perform it, have never met. They knew of one another since both are songwriter singer actors, but to create this tale of how Lockdown affected they had to meet on the likes of Whatsapp, Zoom and Facetime.
The creative process began on 14 May and the result is now available on You Tube, donations please to the Theatre Artists Fund which helps theatre people in difficulties because of the pandemic. It is a bitter sweet little story and has been put together with amazing skill – on line works have had their tribulations but this one works very well indeed. Just who did what it is impossible to say, and they certainly cannot. Ideas got batted back and forward and a show evolved. Give it a go. It is not a masterpiece, but it epitomises everything that the theatre motto of the Show Must Go On stands for. And you do care as they face up to the separation and the dilemma about whether they can resume where they were so cruelly separated or whether there is no new beginning for them.
If you cannot appear on one stage then you can on another. Hunter has been in the likes of Waitress, Kinky Boots and Once, Kay in The Clockmaker’s Daughter.
Musical Director – Nick Barstow. Cello – Inogen Halsey.

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