The Sun, the Mountain and Me by Jack Fairey. The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, 410 Brockley Road, London SE 4 to 29 April 2023. 4****. William Russell.

Arthur is a painter. Arthur is engaged. Arthur lives in Egham. His finance is holding a party. Arthur is suffering from painter’s block – his world is in chaos. This intriguing piece started life during the pandemic on line and now comes to life on stage with Jack Fairey, who directs, standing in for Max Puplett who has had an accident. Prowling round his studio Arthur reflects on how Icarus felt when dispatched by Daedelus to fly to the sun, and on the reaction of Felice, an Italian World War Two prisoner of war held in Kenya who is bored with his existence and discovers looking at Mount Kenya a way of escape. Arthur is clearing his flat, looking at the things his fiance has no intention of letting him bring to their new home, dredging up items from his past, discussing his relationship with his brother, his fiance, and trying to complete his latest painting. It is an impressive look at a young man in the throes of a break down, a tense and challenging 70 minutes with Fairey giving an impressive performance in what must have been difficult circumstances.

Arthur: Jack Fairey.

Director: Jack Fairey. Associate Director: Laura Hannawin. Composer: George Jennings. Technical Designer: Joe Halyan.

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