The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Jermyn Street Theatre, London to 22 December 2021. 4****. William Russell.

Tom Littler’s fine production last seen here in 2020 was a victim of the pandemic. It opened in April and closed down five days later.Revived with the same cast – with the exception of Miranda now played by Rachel Pickup – it returns in fine fettle with Michael Pennington delivering a mellifluous Prospero, Tam Williams doing a dazzling double stint as both Ferdinand and Caliban and Whitney Kehinde creating a dazzling Ariel. The gorgeous set is back,the rest of the cast are back and on top form – Williams is not alone in doing some outstanding doubling – and one can only welcome this revival with open arms. The production is tailored perfectly to the small Jermyn Street stage – a case of a storm in a teacup perhaps. But magic happens and at the centre, maybe a little tentative – Pennington was using the book as a prop, presumably the last year having taken a toll – a marvellous Prospero.

Prospero: Michael Pennington.
Miranda: Rachel Pickup.
Ariel: Whitney Kehinde.
Caliban: Tam Williams.
Ferdinand: Tam Williams.
Alonso: Jim Findley.
Gonzalo: Lynn Farleigh.
Sebastian: Peter Bramhill.
Antonio: Richard Derrington.
Trinculo: Peter Bramhill.

Direector: Tom Littler.
Set & Costume Design: Neil IUrish & Anett Black.
Lighting Design: William Reynolds.
Composer & Sound Designer: Max Pappenheim.
Sebastian: Richard Derrington.
Production photograph: Steve Gregson.

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