THRILLER – LIVE To 6 September.


original concept by Adrian Grant.

Lyric Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue W1D 7ES to 6 September 2015.
Sun–Fri 7.30pm Sat 8pm Mat Sat 4pm, Sun 3.30pm.
Runs 2hr 30min One interval.

TICKETS: 6844 412 4661.
Review: William Russell 22 January.

Thrilling, alive and kicking.
Thriller – Live, a celebration of songs sung by Michael Jackson, opened on 22 January 2009 and seems set to run for as long as people remember the King of Rock.

Long runs are tricky things. They can become stale, and sometimes are little more than carbon copies of the original with a cast, no matter how talented, doing what their predecessors did in the roles. The secret is to keep up-dating, evolving, easier with a show like this which, while it pays tribute to the achievements of Jackson – all those number one hits and the albums – ignores his life (which is probably just as well). A book musical is a different matter.

So what, as it heads into its seventh year, does one get? A show that is undeniably alive and well. The cast is impeccably drilled, the dancers do their routines with zest, the singers are all one could hope for and there is a first rate on-stage band to belt out the tunes.

In addition the costumes are lavish, if garish, and the set, while actually little more than a couple of staircases linked by a walkway above the band and a screen below to conceal the band onto which things are projected, plus lots of lights, looks a million dollars. It is what one goes to a live show to see. Something which amazes.

Thriller is one of those shows in which the audience willingly participates, urged on by the cast to get to their feet, swivel their hips and punch the air. The sight of mainly middle-aged persons rediscovering their lost youth is a joy to behold and if it ensures a standing ovation at the end who cares. A good time has been had by all.

Lead vocalists: Cleopatra Higgins, Haydon Eshun, Ricardo Afonso, David Jordan, Joahn Moabi, Jesse Smith, Ramon Mariqueo Smith, Elijah Crossley, Eshan Gopal, Kyle Johnson, Daniel Odejinmi, Kierran Rogers-Bedminster.
Lead vocalist: Shanice Steele.
Dancers: Daniel Bradford, Jordan Darrell, Lauren Core, Janiere Williams, Austyn Farrell, Gabriella Hernandez, Leah Hill, Penny Smart, Sophie Usher, Chloe Ferns, Christopher ‘Ribs’ Gordon, Paris Green, Jayde Nelson, Christian Sharrier, Lindon Barr, Myron Birch, Renata Carvalho, Jessica Craft, Dak Mashava.
Swing/Dance Captain: Rose Wild.

Director/Choreographer: Gary Lloyd.
Resident director: Shanice Steele.
Designer: Jonathan Park.
Lighting: Nigel Catmur.
Sound: Chris Whybrow.
Musical Supervisor: John Maher.
Video: Colin Rozee.
Costume: Shooting Flowers.

2015-01-23 13:07:14

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