Toddler, 4****, London, To 03 09

and other terrific tales
based on the books of Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler.
Music & Lyrics Benji Bower.
4 Stars****

Leicester Square Theatre, to 3 September 2017.
Tues & Wed 11am. Thurs-Sunday 11am & 2pm.
Runs 60 mins No interval.

TICKETS: 0207 734 2222.
Review: William Russell 19 July.

Terrific treat for tiny tots.
The largely under five years old audience sat enraptured throughout this thoroughly jolly affair in which they meet Monkey, who has lost his mum, an Old Woman who complains her house is too small until forced to share it, a rather nice giant who loses his clothes and some terrific mice among other characters from the tales of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

It is just the right length, the three players – Brian Hargreaves, Lauren Silver and Leonie Spilsbury – are endearing and play to their small audience, never talking down to them as they play all the characters. Puppets and dolls – they have a lovely line in stuffed animals to hand – emerge from nowhere or large baskets at the side of the stage, musical instruments materialise, ladders are scaled and planks get walked. It is funny and while aimed at its audience does not forget that their parents too need to be diverted and goes straight for the inner child. In other words, it is a model of what such a show should be.

Brian Hargreaves.
Lauren Silver.
Leonie Spilsbury.

Director: Sally Cookson.
Designer: Katie Sykes.
Lighting Designer: Elanor Higgins.
Puppetry & Associate Director: Chris Pine.
Musical Director: Brian Hargreaves.

2017-07-20 10:38:44

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