Traces of Antigone by Christina Ouzounidis, ODT Ensemble at Electric Dreams Festival on line until 30th July 2020 **** Mark Courtice

ANTIGONE based on “Traces of Antigone” by Christina Ouzounidis

ODT Ensemble at  Electric Dreams Festival on line until 30th July 2020

Produced by ODC Ensemble

In collaboration with Teater Galeasen | Scenkonstbiennalen | Teater Tribunalen

Written by Christina Ouzounidis

Directed by Elli Papakonstantinou

Live performance designed for the Zoom platform


Part of the Electric Dreams on line Festival

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Internet connection, laptop or smartphone able to run video conferencing software, camera and microphone enabled.





Running time 60 minutes.   Review Mark Courtice 28th July 2020

It’s great to watch a Zoom show that actually looks good. This a serious and often exciting exploration of the uncertain world in which young women live; it’s full of stunning images, the result of careful, classy work by a great company.

From the beginning we are taken to a women’s world where “men don’t exist” which makes comment from this man difficult; but in its rage, power and fluency this is an extraordinary piece of work. A girl’s dangerous world crackles and fizzes with ever-present threat from men; the fact women cannot escape the fear is no less awful for being commonplace – it’s not someone who looks like a monster who will harm you, it’s just as easily the taxi driver.

The show doesn’t just assert that the essence of Antigone transcends this, it shows it. A group of women, thrown on their own resources celebrate their collective strength. The images are startling, rich and the more impressive given they are made in the homes of the artists, with just their bodies, faces and imaginations. A big cast (for Zoom) throws storytelling back and forth between screens and the performances are wild, enthralling, and often mad. The use of the technology (after a long pause before the start) is spot on, this is disciplined work.

The text is rich and suggestive as it sweeps between three languages. The music is a weird thread under this. There is a real feeling of place, not just in a text that tells of olive groves, but in the detail of the homes (set) and the costumes. When you sign on clear instructions make it easy to make the best of the show, which includes break out rooms and an agora – the Greek marketplace where everyone can meet – at the end.

“ANTIGONE” based on “Traces of Antigone” by Christina Ouzounidis

Concept & Art Direction:  Elli Papakonstantinou

Translation into Greek:     Margarita Mellberg

Translation into English:   G.Carbone/E.Papakonstantinou/  E.Dermitzaki

Visual Art Advisor & video poems: Mary Zygouri

Music Composition:           Nalyssa Green, Katerina Papachristou

Movement direction:  Valia Papachristou

Assistant to the Director A: Ero Lefa

Assistant to the Director B: Eirini Dermitzaki



Nalyssa Green (vocals / keyboard)

Serafita Grigoriadou

Gemma Hansson Carbone

Valia Papachristou

Katerina Papachristou (vocals/ keyboard/ bass)

Sophia Manoli

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