Truth To Power Cafe – No Borders – world premiere on line 16 – 18 October 2020 and on tour in 2021. 4****. William Russell.

Filmed in Conway Hall in London this work – it is not a play, it is not exactly a collection of monologues, it is just what it is – directed by Jen Heyes is a stimulating and provocative piece of theatre. The story tellers come from all over the place, but each is reacting to people who have power, or have had, over their lives. One is transgender, one was abused by her stepfather, one suffers chronic ill health and is the victim of the benefit system, one explains how technologies have eroded freedom,the gay rights activist Peter Tatchell lays into capitalism and Jeremy Goldstein, the man behind it all, tells of the Hackney Gang, young men from there, to which his father, with whom he had a difficult relationship. Harold Pinter and the 91 year old Henry Wolf belonged when they were young men rebelling against the system. The stories all pack a punch, the filming is impeccable – scenes of archive newsreel film are spliced into or between the narratives – and the result is one of those not to be missed works.

It will be on line from today unil 18 October and then it goes on tour next year. It will also be screened in Singapore and Australia.
written and performed by Jeremy Goldstein and Henry Woolf with community participants
UK – Paul Atherton, Foxy, Liam Jamie, Peter tatchell, Ben Walters.
USA – Sabra Cacho, Shelley Deppa, Temba Mayika.
Digital theatre adaptation Jen Heyes.
Director: Jen Heyes.
Lighting: Nigel Edwards.
Sound track: Lewis Gibson.
Sound recordist: John Avery.

Photograph: Darren Black

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