UGLIES TAKE PENGE to 21 December.

By Dereck Walker & David Kent.
Music & lyrics by David Kent.

The Bridge House Theatre
2 High Street, Penge, London SE20 to 21 December 2014.
Mon – Sat 11.30 am & 2pm. Other performances may be scheduled.
Runs 1hr 45mins. One interval.

TICKETS: 0208 133 0311.

Review: William Russell 13 December

Cinders is missing but not missed
This is the revenge of Fannie and Annie, the Ugly sisters, after centuries of being forced to play second fiddle to their step sister and denied a Prince Charming of their own – not that they want Cinderella’s Prince Charming who is, according to their account, a bore and a prig.

The sisters, played by David Kent and Jonathan Barnes are strapping lasses who hold the audience, old and young, in the palm of their hands as they tell how they have ended up in digs in Penge which they consider ‘a bit of a dump’. They crack jokes, occasionally a little risqué – there are after all mums and dads in the audience to consider, especially the better looking dads who come in for a certain amount of sisterly attention. They also dish out sweets to the children, and ensure all the traditional pantomime rituals from “Someone behind you” to a sing along song are observed.

Why are they in Penge? Well it is near Crystal Palace and in palaces one finds princes naturally.

As pantomimes go this one is certainly different and it goes with a bang – and the odd splash of water when they bring out water pistols. They have a cat called Mr Tiddles, lots of changes of costume, and decide in the end, Fannie being a bit of a gourmet that Penge is the gourmet capital of the Upper Norwood Triangle. They then, to the delight of the audience, list all the local eating places and say they are going to stay.

As for Cinderella, they are tired of doing all the cleaning for her, as well as tired of her smelly feet.
The book is funny, the music tuneful and a good time is had by one and all in this tiny theatre upstairs in a pub half a stone’s throw from West Penge station.

Fannie: David Kent
Annie: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Dereck Walker
Stage Manager: Susan Burns

2014-12-13 17:14:01

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