VAMPOMIME to 02 01

VAMPOMIME: Nick Walker
Belgrade, B2 Studio

Runs: To 02 01 16 , approx. 1h 15m, no interval

Review: Alexander Ray Edser, 11 12 15

Great addition to a good night out with your mates
Nick Walker has created an inventive and funny entertainment to offer a little welcome respite from festive entertainment (or it could be seen as a chance to get your own back on it.)

The Belgrade has BEAUTY AND THE BEAST running in the main house and the conceit behind VAMPOMIME is that an alternative company is mounting a production in the B2 studio; the main difference being in this company all the actors are vampires (though one has transformed himself into smoke and has got stuck) The company has to recruit a young woman for the company; she comes from Wales as Coventry (I learn) is short of twenty-year-old virgins.

It’s all a great deal of foolishness and played with great energy and warmth by the company. Walker’s script is full of very witty wordplay and there is even audience participation as we must invite the actors in.

From time to time the company uses shadow puppetry to help the narrative along. Created with skill, these sections manage to be excellent examples of the technique and send it, hilariously, up at the same time.

Full value will be gained from the show by seeing it with a group of mates as part of a good night out. It’s big, broad and brash, but will not offend unless you are a) A vampire, b) A puff of smoke, c) A young virgin from Coventry, d) A resident of the Tile Hill area.

Miriam Grace Edwards, Graeme Rose, Katy Stephens, Jack Trow

Writer / Director: Nick Walker
Assistant Director: Connor Nolan
Lighting Designer: Glyn Edwards
Sound Designer: Martyn Davies

2015-12-12 15:10:09

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