Wait for Me, book,music and lyrics by Sam Cassidy. On line. 4**** William Russell

This heavenly dance musical was in the process of being assembled for the stage when lock down arrived and Sam Cassidy turned to the idea of filming it for showing on line. The cast spent three weeks in isolation, filming took place over three days with the technical team and cast apart the entire time, and the result is a tribute to the talents of all involved. The story is simple. Two angels are sent from heaven with new born souls tasked to guide them through life.The angels are not free to dance for ever, which is what angels do, until the twin souls,Jack and Emma, join together. The story is not quite as profound as the creators think – angels coming down are regular fare in the cinemafor a start – and the twin souls’ lives are pretty much what you would expect. but it matters not as the result is an enchanting piece of dance.
The score apart, it is also the striking choreography by Ainsley Ricketts and the performances by the four dancers that carry the slightly odd hybrid affai to success.
Cassidy has composed some beautiful and lavish melodies for the dancers, although I was less enthused by the songs which occasionally interrupt the action – that is no reflection on the two singers who observe what is going on from on high but none of the songs moved me as did the angular, inventive dance.
The piece has been strikingly lit and edited and Ricketts has directed it with flair making Jack and Emma’s fairly predictable journey through life’s ups and downs ultimately rather moving.
On line shows vary wildly in quality, although people are getting better at making them under the Covid restrictions. With Wait for Me Ricketts and his technical collaborators have come up trumps.
It costs £10 to view via INPLAYER and on the WaitForMeLive Facebook page. Money well spent.

Ainsley Ricketts, Chrissy Brooke, Clarice Lanta Lilly, Jaih Betote.

Eloise Davies, Bluey Robinson.

Director and Choreographer: Ainsley Ricketts
Assistant Choreographer: Dean Lee.
Cinematographer: Nick Ross.
Lighting Design: Matthew Carnazza.
Sound Design: Will Vaughan.

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