Watching Rosie by Louise Coulthard. Original Theatre Company on line. 4****. William Russell

Directed by Michael Fentiman this is a touching play about the lock down relationship between Alice – a beguiling performance by Miriam Margolyes – and her granddaughter Rosie who, because she cannot visit, keeps in touch with granny by Zoom. The old lady may be suffering from dementia but she still remembers about things technological and Margolyes catches beautifully the mix between being perfectly sensible about what you have to do and then doing something totally strange – like putting the flowers in a vase with the blossoms in the water. She is also deeply concerned that her grand daughter does not have a boyfriend so when the young man from Tesco delivers her groceries she insists he take a look and tries to set up a date. It has to be said the young man played by Amit Shah, a student, likes the look of the granddaughter and goes along with the old lady. Rosie is amused, tempted, and exasperated but Alice is utterly delighted at her matchmaking. The 20 minute play is funny and sad at the same time. Only about 20 minutes long, it is being screened until 30 September 2020.
Based on Coulthard’s 2017 play Cockamammy it is free to view but donations to Dementia UK are encouraged.

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