We Ask These Questions of Everybody by Amble Skuse & Steph West. on line to 28 February 2021. 4****. William Russell.

This Sound Festival 50 minute operatic event is hard going at first but persevere and it pays dividends. It is an encounter between two women, one is being interviewed to find out whether she is eligible for disability assistance. The libretto is based on real questions and real answers and as it proceeds you gradually realise that the questions are almost impossible for the disabled woman to answer so that her request will be granted. The questions may be asked of everybody, but it is somebody who is not everybpdy who must answer them. That somebody being honest ends up saying quite the wrong things. There is a right answer and a wrong one, but the right one could, from the brief held by the questioner, be wrong. Performed by a cross-genre, all-disabled ensemble and commissioned by Sound Festival it is about trying to survive in a world not made for the disabled.
Featuring – Clarence Adoo, Sonia Allon,Victoria Oruwani & Toria Banks.


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