We Will Rock You
Wales Millennium Centre: 18 March – 17 April
And on Tour

Cast: Starring Leon Lopez, Noel Sullivan and Rhydian Roberts

Written by Ben Elton
Music: Queen

Review: Sara Stanford

Tue & Wed 7.30pm, Thu 2.30pm
Tickets £20, £25, £34, £37.50
Thu – Sul 7.30pm, Sat 2.30pm & Sun 3pm
Tickets £25, £32.50, £39.50, £42.50

I waved with the best of them!

An all singing all dancing juke-box musical bonanza filled with colourful characters, show-stopping tunes and an abundance of witty one liners,

Ben Elton’s hit West End musical, We Will Rock You has a lot to live up to. But boy does it deliver! With 24 of Queen’s biggest anthems including Radio Gaga, Under Pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody, and of course, We Will Rock You. I’d challenge anyone to keep themselves from toe-tapping.

In fact, the entire audience were up waving their arms in a state of sheer jubilation! (And I joined them!)

Set three hundred years in the future, the Elton’s We Will Rock You critiques the state of modern rock and the homogenisation of music; ironic considering the Cowell-clad cast. Popstars’ star Noel Sullivan plays the lead as dreamer, Galileo alongside The X Factor’s Rhydian Roberts who is the fabulously flamboyant villain, police chief Khashoggi.

Noel manages to win the audience over with his excellent delivery of Ben Elton’s witty one-liners, whilst Rhydian impresses with his enormously powerful baritone voice. This star studded cast of home grown talent makes for a lively night out and the ideal escape from the mundane stresses of everyday life.

The only problem is – it’s over all too quickly.

2011-04-04 21:06:01

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