Werewolves Within (2021), Dir Josh Ruben, Netflix 3***: Dana Archer

Image of a poster for the film.

Werewolves Within Reviewed by Dana Archer

Director – Josh Ruben
Platform- Netflix
Certificate- 15
Rating ***

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Lyncanthropic Comedy horror starring Cheyenne Jackson, Harvey Guillen and Sam Anderson and based on a game. New ranger Finn (Anderson) is stationed at Beaverfield until a new pipe plan is constructed. The plan is controversial however and has divided the town. He soon realises that the town is full of unusual and eccentric people. As a snow storm hits, he finds himself trapped with the entire town in a hotel with a werewolf. One at a time they are picked off as Finn tries to figure out who is behind the killing. This film is quirky and at times very funny, however there are periods where it’s irritating with little plot development.  I liked the concept, it is a simple film that follows convention and character stereotypes (I’m unable to tell whether this is done satirically). It soon becomes a quandary as to whether a werewolf is indeed in their midst. The “twist” was predictable fairly early on, but am enjoyable one time watch that plays with the typical werewolf horror film. However this lacks consistent comedy which can be found in other more successful mock- horror examples such as What we do in the shadows.


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