What keeps you alive (2018), Dir Colin Minihan, Platform: Horror Bites 2**: Dana Archer

reviewed by Dana Archer

Director – Colin Minihan
Starring – Hannah Anderson, Brittany Allen, Joey Klein and Martha MacIsaac
Certificate  – 15
Platform – Horror Bites
Rating – **

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Directed by Colin Minihan, the film opens with Jackie and Julia arriving at a remote cabin the woods. Julia is besotted with the place as her wife Jackie appears disturbed. The film progresses and it soon become apparent that Jackie isn’t who she says she is, a killer rampage takes place leaving Julia fighting to stay alive. This is a slow film and one that is full of pointless interludes, a sudden burst of song on the guitar, a repeating flashback of bird noises, this film badly needed to be edited. There are moments of utter ridiculousness and tired cat and mouse like shenanigans. However, the last 30 minutes or so are tense and take the film neatly to the conclusion.  There is a lot of poorly written dialogue and inconsistency within this narrative. Overall, a good film that was a victim of poor editing and amateur writing.


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