based on the picture-book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks music and lyrics by Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw additional lyrics by Howard Jacques.

Tour to 7 June 2014.
Runs 55min No interval.
Review: Timothy Ramsden 7 December at Curve (Studio) Leicester.

Bright lights, gently involving story and animals, stimulating young imaginations.
A brightly-coloured stage, a clear and simple story, and a 3+ audience enlisted on the side of right versus wrong. All wrapped-up in a familiar title from children’s writer Julia Donaldson and illustrator Lydia Monks. Plenty for those who know Ladybird to enjoy recognising; plenty for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a version expertly crafted for the stage. After a jolly musical opening down-on-the-farm, with plenty of bright bucolic cheer, things suddenly fall apart, as it becomes clear this isn’t a farm. It’s a theatre. And the two people in front of us aren’t farmers but actors.

Except they’re not even actors, but stagehands filling-in while the cast struggles to get here. And the animals they bring to stock the farm are merely painted cardboard boxes. The props have been delayed as well.

Though not, fortunately, the set. Nor some of the stage creatures, including a couple of cats who sing-along or sit quietly assertive on a window-ledge. The rest have to be manufactured from what’s available, using a child’s propensity to imagine shapes into all sorts of objects to help their imaginations.

But what about the other two characters, the villainous men who come a-stealing the farm cow? There may be some disappointed young people who have momentary hopes of taking part. But that’s the only thing that could disappoint here. The two actors who emerge from the audience to play them become the usual comically villainous pairing, Hefty Hugh giving a lead, Lanky Len trying to follow on with cheery incompetence.

The Ladybird herself has multiple appearances all over the place, a silent listener among the animal noises which give added participatory zest. But the information she imparts is vital in using those sounds to foil the dastardly plot when it occurs.

Stimulating and friendly in story, staging and performance, it is all utterly enjoyable. Designer Bek Palmer has provided ingenuity and practicality in bringing Monks’ colourful world to the stage, and director Graham Hubbard allows enough time for performances to include the audience and make the story clear without ever becoming indulgent or sluggish. A happy hour indeed.

Jo: Rosamund Hine.
Lily: Rachael Henley.
Hefty Hugh: Tom Banks.
Lanky Len: David Heywood.

Director: Graham Hubbard.
Designer: Bek Palmer.
Lighting: Ric Mountjoy.
Choreographer: Mark Hedges.

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