WOLF: Authentic Artist Collective: Edinburgh Fringe to 29th August 2010


WOLF; Authentic Artist Collective, at Just The Tonic at the Caves (Venue 88): 05 – 29 Aug 2010: 1215 hrs
0131 556 5375 www.authenticartist.co.uk/wolf

Running time: 1 hour no interval
Review: Mark Courtice 23rd August 2010

Pack Mentality
In the dripping arches under Edinburgh’s South bridge the Authentic Artists Collective explore the power of the Wolf in myth and history.

Ranging from nursery stories to Freud the text checks in on the relationship of this mysterious beast with humankind. As well as the danger, our shared history includes the legends of humans brought up by the pack; and if, by now, humans are threatening the wolf’s survival the show supports the work of the Wolf Conservation Trust.

It’s all meticulously done, moving from the wild to the human, with the text having the poetry to support moments like the transformation of a werewolf, and the research to support the picture of the animal’s life in the pack.

The pack here is excellent. A company of eight performers prowl, fight, hunt and gambol about and through the audience who stand in the space. The rough and ready design fits the space, and Kerry Andrew’s vocal score is apt and effective – it’s also very well sung.

The level of skill overall is very high; movement is precise, the changes of tone from threatening to beguiling are convincing, and despite having be to herded through the space by the end, the audience gladly accept the chance to don a wolf waistcoat and join the pack.

Director Kath Burlinson
Text and Lyrics Iain Finlay Macleod
Composer Kerry Andrew
Wolf Pack
Lewis Barfoot, Drew Davies, Charlie Gradon, Sioned Jones, Peta Lily, Vincent Manna, James Lloyd Pegg, Jamie Zubairi

2010-08-25 09:38:49

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