Wired Shut (2021), Dir Alexander Sharp, Platform – Horror Channel / Horror Bites: 1* : Dana Archer

Face of man with with mouth shut

Wired Shut Reviewed by Dana Archer

Year – 2021

Director – Alexander Sharp

Run time – 95 Minutes

Starring – Blake Stadel, Natalie Sharp, Behtash Fazlali

Platform – Horror Channel / Horror Bites

Certificate – 15

Rating *

Tonight’s horror Channel premiere and home invasion thriller. After being in an accident, a has-been author Reed has his jaw wired shut. His daughter, Emmy, comes by to visit before going to college in London, she has a difficult relationship with her Father. Most of this film is silent, obviously because the author is physically unable to speak clearly, or at all. When Emmy’s boyfriend shows up – it’s clear that her returning was not coincidental as the two have hatched a plan to steal from the father. Of course, things do not go according to plan as the boyfriend takes matters into his own hands, taking Emmy and Reed hostage. This is a snoozerama of a film, what little badly written dialogue there is, is mostly mumbled and story is unforgivably dull. The key convention of a thriller is suspense and this film lacks that entirely, I lost interest in this film yet persevered through the irritating villain monologue and almost perfectly timed twists and betrayals.  This is an avoidable film that fails to grasp your attention merely dragging you through to the unsatisfactory climax. The lack of dialogue is ineffective, and this affect has been executed far more effectively in other films, the reliance on score means that the music is more than just one circling repetitive sound. This film has no redeeming qualities and is a terribly ineffective waste of time.


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